Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Too Busy to Stop

SPIN 2017 is all about The Art of Living Well:
Quality of Life BEFORE End of Life - why wait?
Let's practice so we're really good at it later.
It's a W(H)ealth (r)Evolution.

Busy being busy
Can there be "quality" in busy?
Or are we too busy to notice.....

Too busy to take care of yourself.
Busy does not mean important.
Our feet have gotten out in front of us!
Lost our balance.
Great for a SPRINT....not an endurance race.
This month in SPIN, we are exploring TIME.
It's a slippery subject as our perception affects our 
experience of it.  One thing is for certain - our time is 
moving FAST & we along with it.  But honestly, many women 
know the busy routine.  We live it on many levels in order to live 
BEYOND "only" working, "only" family-ing, etc.
Getting involved with others through social networking, travel, 
fitness, activism - all good!  But like the bumper sticker says:
The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.

I, myself, appear to be an overly ambitious sort.  And I can thank 
my busy lifestyle for creating my fondness of Down Time/Open Time - 
or what I NOW call >> Unscheduled Time <<.  
(I hear the operatic soprano now)
I do schedule my activities for the week & I schedule my Unscheduled Time -
not to be tampered with.  It's a little trick I'm experimenting with.  
Since it's so new to me, after a day off, I woke too early due to my fear 
that because of that day off, I wasn't going to be able to get everything done. 
It's like separation anxiety between me & my obligations.

Separation anxiety..... Wait a minute ---- 
As a self-employed person, I work several jobs plus volunteer.
 what if I thought of my necessary activities as my Children! 
OMG -  I have 6 children. How to parent 6 children? ....google.....
Children respond best to quality time - not only how much
but how good.

It seems that QUALITY has come to my rescue!

As mother of 2, I really understand attempts at balancing 
1. children's activitites
2. housework
3. bills
4. work
5. extended family
6. oh yea......me

Maybe, just maybe, time is not the only measure for my 
6 activity children-some require more time than others.  
It comes down to QUALITY, not QUANTITY.

It is now September which means we have spent 8 1/2 months on
folding QUALITY into our lives through a different habit each month.


How 'bout you.... about done with being all busy & stuff?
Really think about it.  It's been said that we suffer from 
urgency addiction. Over-busy & over-stimulated.
Would everything REALLY fall apart
if you took some time to jump off the crazy thing...?

After YEARS- really years - of cramming EVERYTHING into my weeks, 
I'm beginning to be through with all that - much like giving up the late
nights from my younger days.  

It's just not worth it anymore.

How long you gonna play that "I'm too busy!" game?
It's getting a bit boring, really.  Fast-pace living is great
for a sprint, but as far as a marathon, give me some scheduled
"Un-scheduled Time" & let's take up a seat on the back porch.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Power of How : Compassion

We are going through so many changes.
Deep, profound change is expected of us
at this time & it's challenging.
But.....I'm up for a challenge ~ you?
We are called to New.  We must develop
different ways; sharpen our habits of how
we show up.  As we look at our habitual
ways of doing things & our own nature,
we can then choose whether to develop our
current habits further or let 'em go -
UN-learn 'em- & learn new.

The learning is easy compared to the struggle
of UN-learning.  Un-learning is always individual -
it's never about "them".  It takes becoming aware
of what is automatic for you. When you slow down
a bit & pay attention, things look different, feel different.
To start: see each & every situation as absolutely Neutral.
To see situations as neutral means you see them BEFORE
your buttons are pushed; before you add any meaning to
them.  When your buttons are pushed, go THROUGH the
knee-jerk reactions & just observe for a moment to see
things just as they are. From there, write a new script -
try something different.  It's LIBERATING!
This is new for all of us in certain situations.
It's some strange-ass work that beckons mindfulness.
In 2017 & on a larger scale, it's not hard to see that our
whole country could use some work.  But, maybe if each
of us does our individual work of Un-learning the old ways,
collectively, we could un-learn some of our old song-n-dance
& WE could intentionally birth the New.

It takes these 3 things:
Fierce Vulnerability
Relentless Practice, 
& a shit-ton of Forgiveness.
Otherwise known as.....Compassion - showing up
completely (no hiding or "small-ing")& opening to others
just as they are.  Alert & Open.

Simply put, Un-learning is changing our heart/mind.
Understanding it was all a thought & thoughts change.
Intentionally changing our thoughts & feelings is a challenge.
But the nudge is happening.  We've outgrown the old.
Are you up for a challenge?

Compassion grows out of your soft, open heart creating a
"placeless place" of neutrality - beyond approval or disapproval.
It grows from a mind open to ANYthing - possibilities.
Science calls for this - so does religion.

Start with: "Maybe they're right" (if you can't say
"Maybe I'm wrong").  Notice instances where your
thinking has shifted.  We've been doing this evolving
all our lives - we grew out of 12th-Grade thinking.
We've grown out of the 20th century.
Now, let's move beyond the past century & begin the
work of the new - we're 17 years in.  This is the change
we're going through.  Have you noticed?
This is the UN-learning & development we must do.
The old ways we've valued won't work in the New.
Compassion is the objective seeing that births New in
the outer world -beyond our thinking & dreams.
We can already feel which of the old ways is being replaced
by the new - look at your phone, for Pete's sake.  We didn't
see that one coming even 25 years ago.
With SPIN this year, I hope to bridge the inner us to the outer us.
I see this as THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK for each of us.
It is needed.  The past century didn't value Compassion.
The past century didn't value the un-paid relationship or service.
Let's take the country back to dignity, respect, compassion.
When Life is lived in balance between heart/mind & the doing,
Heaven & Earth are bridged as never before.  We have
evolved & are evolving.
Let's roll our sleeves up, breathe & take the challenge!

It's a labor of love, we're contracting &  New WILL BE BORN.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

*SPIN WEDNESDAYS* in Waxahachie

What if Success were measured by Well-Being
& Fulfillment - How GOOD rather than how much?

.......SPIN 2017: 12 Habits-12 Months.......

This week kicks off January's Habit:
* Self-Care / Nurturance / Gentleness *

... I know, we are all doing the best we can, non?...
There's the Self Care of Hygiene Habit
like brushing teeth, wiping, tweezing etc....
There's the Self Care like cute clothes
fun friends, cake & movies - maybe some travel.
But....what's your Inner Dialogue really saying...?
Sometimes it's confusing: Am I doing this right?
or am I drowning myself in activity or things
or other people's crap? I mean...I'm surviving.
...I'm probably doin' it wrong....
There is a distinct difference between 
Self Care & Self Nurturance. 
 Nurturing is the part that leads to Thriving. 
YOU may be the only one who can fully 
give & accept your unconditional love. 

Through Discussion, Ritual, & Vision, 
we are SPINning New together & It.Is.Good.
ANYONE can do it - EVERYONE wins.
SPIN Wednesdays for Women 7-8 pm 
510 W. Marvin Ave. #212 Waxahachie
~ Still Only $5 ~ Bring a Friend.
Be enRICHed, emPOWERed, Connected

Friday, December 30, 2016

Growing up a "people-pleaser" has been
a real learning experience.  As you can
imagine, it is an occupation with a very
fleeting success rate.

....... There are So.Many.People! .............
You're outnumbered!

Years ago, I caught a glimpse of myself
in the mirror & I wondered:
"Who IS that woman...!?!" 
(Have you ever done that?)
All I could think is that I had the look of
someone functioning as a machine.  
There was no quality of life in THAT
woman in the mirror ...but in my own
defense, I could get a LOT DONE.
It just wasn't working for me.

Hi - my name is Kathy KinKaid & January
2017 marks my 6th Anniversary as the
SPIN Goddess.  Thank you to all of you
who've helped me to create open-hearted
circles for women to come together to voice
ideas, concerns, joys & eye-opening insights!

As SPIN Goddess,  I love helping you
relate to a constantly changing world in ways
that work - for your life AND for YOU!
SPIN is an acronym for
Start Playing Intentionally Now.
Getting it together, breathing LIFE into your
life does not have to be "work".  It is really
completely natural.  It's fun when we remember that
we are WISER than we know.

>>> Your Life is Your Business <<<

Successful Businesses require the Practical
& the Intuitive. Have you noticed this in your
own life?  A healthy balance of practical living
& listening for meaning.  Here's some news:

............. It's practical to have fun! .............

Quality of life thrives on feeling good.
Feelings sustain long term planning & fuel your business.

Why Intentions?
Our individual lives provide so many projects
for our attention.  Many times, our lives are guided
by knee-jerk reactions that feel so natural but are easier
simply because they are long-time habits.
Moving from this habitual interaction with life requires our
conscious attention.  How we intentionally use simple
tools like Time, Money, & Food can guide us into
our natural Integrity.

Why Groups?
Through Wisdom Circles, Workshops, Seminars,
we're moving from the Queens of Make Do to
Innovators & Investors of What. Matters. Most.
Intentional living brings a clarity of thought.
Appreciative Collaborating sustains this inner work by
giving it needed momentum to materialize & sustain
itself "out here".  Connection & support make up
the Enterprise of Wisdom Building.

Why now?
This is relevant work.  YOU can make the difference
in your life.  Let's play intentionally &
enjoy a wonderful new year!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Saturday, October 15, 2016 ... 10-4:00

The Divine Feminine Experience for Women

"The world will be saved by the western woman." 
 ~ The Dalai Lama 

As modern women, we are the living legacy of 
an overwhelming nation of life-givers. This nation 
flows through our beings as Divine Feminine
Tapping into this stream of Life provides us the 
needed power to birth New in these changing times. 

Remembering the labors of so many through 
HERSTORY, recalling maiden names
& releasing hidden shaming leads to profound 
connection & confident authenticity. 
Moving into a Bold & Fierce Vulnerability 
as the powerful language of Truth. 

Truth: to remember something you didn't even know you knew. 

Through simple, profound rituals
we will revive the sleeping truth 
of ourselves ~ Celebrating the 
Divine Feminine in All. 
You will come away with a fresh appreciation for 
Yourself, Your Life, & Your Loved Ones. 
The Divine Feminine Experience for Women 
Saturday, October 15th, 2016 10am - 4pm 
Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff 
3839 W. Kiest Blvd, Dallas TX 75233 
Register by October 10th:   $95 
          After October 10th:   $125

Price Changes on Oct 10th

*All New* LIFE LAUNCH w/ Kathy & Sam KinKaid

"The only thing that is constant is change."  ~ Heraclitus

With the game of Life bringing so many changes, 
it can feel like the rug is constantly being pulled
right out from under you.

Wouldn't it be great to leap into the *new* with 
confidence, curiosity & direction?  

Life Launch is for YOU if you're
stepping out of your old familiar home:
Graduated, Divorced, Widowed, or   
Making a New Start. Resilience is the
needed muscle & it can be developed.
Transitions can be less messy with a bit 
more information.  

"If you change the way you look at things, 
the things you look at change."  ~ Wayne Dyer

Life Launch was created with the 
shared insight of a 54 year old mom
(Kathy is divorced & self-employed) 
& 18 year old son, Sam, as they
prepare for some big life changes.
With their help, you will become more 
familiar with these topics 

What Would I LIKE My Life to Look Like?
What is Credit?
Effective Budgeting
Considering Insurance Needs
Balancing Fun, Family, Friends, Work, Myself

Life Launch provides you with practical
steps that lead you down your new path 
with intention, sure footing, & a bright outlook.

Perfect for High School Graduates 
or anyone starting a new life chapter, 
let the *All New* Life Launch help 
you Leap Into Your New Life
with ease.
Life Launch w/Kathy & Sam KinKaid
Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016  10am-2pm
Waxahachie, TX

Price Changes on Oct 15th

Monday, June 27, 2016

Meditation 4 Life Seminar July 9, 2016

Dharma: The intrinsic nature of a thing.
....the dharma of sugar is sweetness;
the dharma of water is wetness...

What is the nature of a day in the life of YOU?
Modern living can feel fast-paced & demanding
in ways that don't allow rest, reflection, or even
deep planning.  Relationships are dealt with like
tasks on a to-do list, scratching off time spent
with those in our lives without going deeper than
a hover.  The constant change in relationships -
whether at work, in our families, or loving com-
munities, is leading to imbalance & a fear of any
more changes.  After years of living this way, we're
left feeling as if something is missing.  Maybe we're
not doing something right...not connecting with any-
one. Our old adrenaline ways of filling the hole by
shopping or vacationing just don't last long enough.

Exploring Dharma of ourselves requires an alert
stillness that our daily living rarely provides.
Is even one more year of this lifestyle worthy of our
practice?  Look around - this is not so uncommon.
In this day & age, we're called to live withIN our
means - making peace with sabotaging habits &
outlooks that call us to attention.

Part of our nature is Pure Potentiality & Possibilities.
What if ..... things could be different?
What if...... I could invest my money & time in ways
that HELP me?
What if...... I could see PEACE instead of this?
What if...... connection with others had us all feeling
What if all this were possible....?

It is all possible if you say so!

What if life were more like meditation?
Seem impossible?
It is SO not.  It requires practicing the shift to
MINDFULNESS. Let go of mind-chatter.
Mind -Chatter shows up as
* Clutter
* Overweight
* Drama
* Excess
* Overwhelm.
Take a look around your home, car, thought patterns.
We created what we see.
Let's create something we like better.

Take a deep breath - inhale for a count of 4 &
exhale for a count of 8. I recommend  the kind of
breath from the movie Napoleon Dynamite.
In House of SPIN, we practice 3 Breaths:
#1  Napoleon Dynamite "Let It All Go" breath
#2  Exhale with AUM
#3  Exhale with Oxytocin Breath (the hormone
released when nursing, making love, feeling joy.
It's the Tend & Befriend hormone as opposed to
Adrenaline: the Fight or Flight hormone) It sounds
like a an AHHhhhh moan.
That is a great way to settle in.  Allowing ourselves
to live withIN our bodies.

Following the breath is one form of meditation,
so is sitting, mindful walking, & LAUGHING.
Daily meditation grows & sustains balance & an
ability to cut through the BS of day-to-day tension
build-up.  We owe it to ourselves & those we love to
let go of fears of transition & change. To model a new
behavior for those watching. To cultivate resilience
Meditation helps us do just that.

* Learn the History & Science of Meditation
* Attune Your Body with Chakra Awareness
* Develop Your Very Own Favorite Meditation Practice
This seminar is for Beginners & Practitioners alike.
It is Instructional & Introductory for creating
a Beautiful Life & I'd LOVE to help YOU create YOURS.

Meditation 4 Life Seminar
Saturday, July 9th, 9am-2pm
Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff
3839 W. Kiest Blvd Dallas
Please email any seminar questions to: